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Santorus was born out of an unusual family mix of Italian-Indian culture, combining an appreciation of expert craftsmanship, historic grandeur and incredible art.

Artisanal craftsmanship

We search out artisans from traditional centres of industry. We use traditional silk rollers in small towns in Italy and fabric mills from England who have been in operation since the 19th century. The result? Not only do our pieces look incredible but we are supporting a more ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

"Madness is the Glory of Life"

Our original Shakesperian-inspired motto is at the heart of our style. In our work you'll find colour, diversity and out-of-the-ordinary surprises. Whether its intricate details, exuberant hues or luxurious materials. Beyond a simple purchase, we want owning a Santorus piece to be an experience.


As two siblings working together, we can't take ourselves too seriously. We are always looking for ways to add humour and surreal elements to our artwork. The Santorus signature
style combines traditional imagery with modern
personality; full of detail, rich in colour and
wonderfully weird.

Our Start



The creative force behind the Santorus
aesthetic and artist in her own right has
designed for award-winning companies in the fields of art-brand design, interior design & home fragrance.

Over the past 20 years, she has explored and refined a dynamic signature style, hugely influenced by her mixed ethnicity and an innate love of all things extravagant.


Unapologetically drawn to the vivid and dramatic, her creative universe sets the tone for Santorus style - just the right side of outrageous.

Tara Innovator.jpg


The animated heartbeat behind the Santorus narrative, Fabian brings his tenacious sales and business development background to advance their innovative collections within the luxury market.


His international experience working
alongside governing institutions at a senior level, armed with a literary enthusiasm and irrepressible humour, makes him the perfect
ambassador to bring Santorus to life.

Fabian Innovator.jpg
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