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Welcome to the showcase, where we let our imagination run wild. In this edition we embark on an exploration of femininity.

With issues of pay inequality and social dynamics at the very forefront of modern society, ladies are a force to be reckoned with. 

 With that in mind, we mused on a simple question...


"What defines femininity?"

In true Santorus fashion we looked to the past for inspiration, and came up with something spectacular.

Though originally not exclusively used by women (King George IV was a big fan!) Corsets have been used for centuries. 


Though it was used by many as a slimming apparatus, the primary attraction for many wearers was its ability to compliment a feminine hourglass silhouette.   

Since the late 20th century the corset has made its way back to the forefront of everyday fashion.



Once we had our idea, we had to give it our own little twist. In our exploration of the female aesthetic there was only direction we could take - Madame! Meera Santoro, one of the Santorus founders had previously met the incredibly talented corsetière Lily Pearl. Together we were able to create a truly one of a kind piece. Both a work of engineering and art.

Cotton Velvet

​Our British velvet is made from the finest quality cotton. Crafted by loom in the historic heartland of the British weaving industry. This fabric features a lavishly soft-to-the-touch finish which despite its beauty is still remarkably resilient

Made to Measure

Ordering a bespoke corset can seem an alien process to many people, but we can talk you through the process. Please feel free to get in touch with our design studio in Wimbledon on +44 (0)208 781 1103

How to Order

Contact our studio by telephone (+44 (0)208 781 1103) or by sending us an email ( We will arrange for a fitting and talk you through the fabrics available. Prices on request.

As all items in our showcase are made to order, we will advise as to lead times.

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