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Tie your new silk scarf


One of the most versatile ways to wear your scarf. Great for work, play or travel. The generous size of our classical proportioned scarf is ideal to show off our fabulous prints in a look that personifies effortless cool . Fold your scarf into a triangle, wrap once around the neck and tie in front. Casually flick the remaining material over your shoulder

SANTORUS - Arrivee Des Oiseaux.jpg

Arrivee des Oiseaux - natural tones are accentuated by fiery reds and yellows. so you can effortlessly rock the classic look   


Cygnus et Serpentium - black and white will be forever chic. Make sure you match your scarf to suit your hair colour

The Braid

A strong pattern is a must for this look. Wrap it around your head, with the loose ends at the back of your head. After you tie the scarf at the nape, divide all of your hair into three sections: two small on the left and right, with a bigger one in the middle, Place the two ends of the scarf into the two outer sections and start braiding until you reach the ends; tie the scarf into a double knot. You don't even need an elastic or pins for this one—score!

SANTORUS - Cygnus et Serpentium.jpg

Urban Turban

Dry shampoo can only do so much. On the days you wake up really late, mist your hair with texturizing spray and twist it into a messy bun at the crown, securing it any which way with bobby pins. Fold a long, narrow scarf into a three-inch-wide strip and place it against the middle of the nape of your neck. Pull the ends of the scarf up and cross them twice at the center of your forehead, then bring them back to the nape and knot them. No one has to know whats underneath!

SANTORUS - Ceylon Jungle.jpg

@iam_samata looks fab wearing our exotic Ceylon scarf.  Check out her beautiful blog

more styles coming soon...

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