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Welcome to the showcase, where we let our imagination run wild.

In this edition we present our exclusive ceramics made in collaboration with the Royal College of Art.

Working closely with Professor Martin Smith and Dr Steve Brown, Santorus have created a state of the art tableware collection that was previously unimaginable. 

The striking debut collection from Santorus showcases very fine detail, soft subtle tones as well as bold dramatic elements using an exotic colour palettte.



The process

Royal College of art

Santorus doesn't shy away from bold and previously our distinct designs would have been too demanding to reproduce onto ceramics. But through extensive research at the Royal College of Art, they have been transformed into a colourful, complex collection of tableware.

Using innovative technologies and production methods, we have been able to produce items with a greater intensity in colour and developed new printing methods previously unseen in the context of decorative tableware production. 

 In true Santorus fashion, we couldn't stop there. Once the collection had been printed using state of the art technology, we had to finish each item with opulent hand painted gold trims and dramatically gilded handles!

The collection is available to shop on our website now. 

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